Notes from those who are Invited

This is a small piece of Paris Fashion Week.

It’s a collection of 22

interviews that happened over three

ready-to-wear seasons in 2017 and


We are photographers. We impress

our vision on a subject to create

something that is ultimately as

revealing of us as it is of them — not

what we wanted here.

We chose an interview that would

show something about how the person

sees themselves. Their writing, the

memories they choose to share and

what remains mysterious, it is

entirely up to them.

It all reveals something.

They are buyers, creative directors,

models, photographers, stylists,

bloggers, designers, journalists,

artists, and editors.

They are among the ‘Invited’

because they influence the

choices we make every day.

Brought to you by us,

Blair and Lynae

22 Fashion Influencers – Hardcover w/ 144 pages
There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.”

— Ernest Hemingway