Shadow Play

We’ve known Ashia as a model for a few years now, so we were excited when she came to us for some head shots! We always love to have some creative fun when there’s time, and this day brought us some French-inspired shadow games. Her quiet, kind beauty seems a

Coffee and Cigarettes

  We’d never shot with Tasya before, but we can guarantee that this won’t be the last time you see photos of her from us!! All smiles and a true sweetheart, she approached us looking to shoot with a classic red lip and her Levis. And some hair rollers. And

Dear Désirée

  We met this natural beauty and typically French sweetheart our second trip to Paris, and were lucky enough to be taken in by her family as one of their own. Since then we’ve explored the city with her, taken photos on more than a handful of occasions, and shared

Take Me With You

  When setting up for some dramatic lighting in the studio, we always a little more of our subject, in order to really create a complexity of feeling in the photos. We’ve worked with local petite model Shiann in the past, but not for quite some time — Let her

Keep It On The DL

  Kaidyn is one of our favorite muses, and she always comes through for us anytime we ask something of her, but this time it was her turn to approach us with an idea. Inspired by the recent works of legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti with none other than Bella Hadid,

(Urban) Jungle

  When we met Jaime, and she invited us out to her Lethbridge family home to shoot in, we had NO idea the playground that was waiting for us. Between the indoor jungle, projection screen theater, perfectly weathered furniture on the roof, Ferrari in the driveway, and a garage dedicated

Chloë C.

Chloë has an effortless beauty about her — So when we wanted to test a few lighting setups there was no one better to bring that extra something to the table! After working with Chloë for a couple of years now we couldn’t be happier to see her working hard as a Sophia Model