Dans la Boudoir

Diane Arbus once said, “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you, the less you know.” #youXus Model: Ophélie Moreau Photographers: Blair and Lynae Makeup: Helene Gasquet Clothing: Sonia Rykiel, Agnes B, Vero Moda.  

Cassidy S.

What a fantastic girl, this Cassidy!! Legs up to there, and she just glows! On top of that everything just fell into place for this shoot — our online order from Vancouver company “Brunette The Label” showed up randomly just hours before the photoshoot.....leading us to have a touch of editorial fun with these fantastic pieces [...]

The Artist & The Muse

It is well known across history that, between an artist and their chosen muse, there will always be somewhat of a struggle. The muse wants to appear beautiful, or romantic, or strong — her own vision of her ‘best self’; The artist wants to impart his vision onto the muse, trying to translate what he [...]

Life in a Suitcase

Staged in one of the old motels we’ve got around our town, we tell the story of a girl who has been left with nothing in the world but an excess of fashion. Stranded, she turns to style for a bit of solace. Life — all stuffed into one big suitcase.  

Seulement Paris

Parisians really do have this extra something about them — a certain je ne sais quoi, so to speak. They always let their hair blow in the wind, couldn't be bothered to care too much about their makeup, have a way of looking chic at any given time, and would never eat pizza with anything [...]