Des & Jen

Influencers: Desiree & Jennifer Selmanovic, aka Des & Jen Instagram: @desnjen // 97K Occupation: Bloggers Recent collaborations: L’Oréal Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Tanya Taylor Clothing, Tiffany & Co. Known for: Creating individual styles that work effortlessly together Uber-romantic voices

Annabel Rosendahl

Influencer: Annabel Rosendahl Instagram: @annabelrosendahl // 52K Occupation: Public Figure, Blogger Recent collaborations: Juice Sportswear, House of Dagmar, Edition Footwear, Won Hundred Clothing, Kate Spade Oslo, Hermes, Flattered Footwear and recently the cover of KK Magazine Known for: Colorful + retro + layered style, great hair.  

Tine Andrea

Influencer: Tine Andrea Instagram: @tineandreaa // 73K Occupation: Blogger, Fashion Writer, Stylist Recent Collaborations: Chloé, Mai Più Senza Footwear,, Known for: Sharp lines + dark neutrals + clever layering, working her angles, self proclaimed “style schizo”  

Liberta Haxhikadriu

Liberta Haxhikadriu Instagram: @liberta.h // 20K Occupation: Blogger Recent Collaborations: Closed Clothing, Carin Eyewear, Nobi Talai, Anziege, Overview Magazine Known for: Classic + colorful + practical style, genuine smile, enviable best friend skills