The Artist & The Muse

It is well known across history that, between an artist and their chosen muse, there will always be somewhat of a struggle. The muse wants to appear beautiful, or romantic, or strong — her own vision of her ‘best self’; The artist wants to impart his vision onto the muse, trying to translate what he sees in his minds eye onto the person standing infront of him. Maybe the way he sees her is thought-provoking, engaging, or striking….. but not necessarily the most beautiful.

We met established Parisian artists Helene and Jean-Pierre at a market, and when they told us of their 17th century home we couldn’t resist the opportunity for a visit. Jean-Pierre, The Artist of our photo story, sits in his own studio, at his own easel, surrounded by his own works of art, wearing the clothing he makes himself. Ophélie, The Muse, stands poised, picturesque, and appropriately defiant.


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