Life in a Suitcase

Staged in one of the old motels we’ve got around our town, we tell the story of a girl who has been left with nothing in the world but an excess of fashion. Stranded, she turns to style for a bit of solace. Life — all stuffed into one big suitcase.  

Seulement Paris

Parisians really do have this extra something about them — a certain je ne sais quoi, so to speak. They always let their hair blow in the wind, couldn't be bothered to care too much about their makeup, have a way of looking chic at any given time, and would never eat pizza with anything [...]

She’s got the look.

Chloë has one of those faces that you can dress so many different ways, depending on the look and feel you’re going for — So she was definitely an obvious choice for this portfolio-building shoot with MUA Melissa Mackay. We’ve had the chance to work with this beautiful girl a few times now, (this shoot was [...]

Jaime & Farren

Jaime and Farren are one hell of a pair together!! Those faces, those eyes.....Usually we do something really colourful and high energy with these two — but this time local MUA Melissa Mackay was involved, as well as the students of ONE Beauty Academy — so we opted to keep things entirely neutral. The biggest surprise of [...]


Kiley is SUCH a sweetheart! 🙂 She was visiting for Christmas from her home in Israel an we somehow managed to get her into our studio, and out of this (ridiculously cold) cold we’ve been having lately! This girl is a dream to work with, so at ease & so confident — Check out the [...]

Jason’T Collection

This is the second time we’ve had the pleasure of working with the design duo at Jason’T, and it was amazing to see their craftsmanship in these pieces up close once again! Each and every piece is hand made by them....and though we think these photos are not exactly too bad 😉 we really think [...]


There’s nothing quite like a trusty band t-shirt. We’ve shot with Bethany before, and this time she showed up with her Calvins, her denim, the always perfect all-black, and of course, a KISS t-shirt. As we tend to tell people before photoshoots, bring your “chill-self”, the things that make you feel awesome, and trust us [...]

Beauty and the Boudoir

We’ve known Kaidyn for a few years now, and really had the chance of watching her grow into her own as a person and as a model. Each time we ask her to shoot, she always brings so much to the table! We asked her to come test a new boudoir setup in our studio, [...]